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When the Alma-Ata Declaration was signed, it called for primary health care as the official health policy of all people of the world (Rifkin, 2018). There are 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) that focus on ending hunger, health equity, ending poverty, gender equality, quality education, low-cost efficient energy, clean water and sanitation, economic growth, industry and innovation infrastructure, and climate action, to name a few. Alma-Ata supports SDGs with intentions to build sustainable health care for all. Low-income countries are especially suffering from health disparities. Although SDG’s do not reflect primary health care in their agenda, the Astana declaration (Alma-Ata), updated and released in 2018, emphasizes universal health coverage, making it easier for countries to achieve the SDGs when they reorient their health care systems towards primary care (Hone, et al., 2018). With the help of policymakers, funding will help create cost effective interventions or help prioritize funding based on burden of disease, strengthening the global health system.

Health equity is another way Alma-Ata continues to support sustainable development goals (SDG). Universal health coverage should target deprived rural and urban areas, reducing or eliminating user fees. PHC’s have become essential to increase appropriateness and efficiency, by focusing on people and their wellbeing (Hone et al., 2018). Policymakers, governmental agencies, and other decision makers should not discriminate, rather, provide more equitable opportunities for those living in poverty to have access to health care and other resources.

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