Discuss the main difference between science and pseudoscience. What are

Discuss the main difference between science and pseudoscience. What are some examples of pseudoscience, and what are some of their claims? What makes pseudoscience not real science? How do you determine if it is real science or not? Share your ideas with your classmates.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Chris. I am currently living in San Diego, California. I am a Deputy Sheriff and have been for almost 14 years. I currently work as a Traffic Investigator. My future goals is to obtain a degree in Occupational Health and Safety. I’m perusing this degree with the hopes of getting a third career as a Safety Officer

Science is the use of observation and measurements to gain knowledge and understanding where pseudoscience is only a collection beliefs or practices which cannot be backed up by proven data.

Polygraphs are considered to be pseudoscience. These lie detector test cannot actually prove a lie from the truth. The claim of a lie detector is it can reveal deceit or deception in a person by their non-verbal cues.

Pseudoscience not real science because it is based upon beliefs and theories. Real science will be based on a collection of data form observations and measurements. Real science will have information to establish why or why not something is or is not.  

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