Disasters: From Shock to Recovery – PAD 4380 Assignment Description:

Disasters: From Shock to Recovery – PAD 4380

Assignment Description:

Pick  ONE topic (and all its subtopics) from the list shown below (min 1000 words not counting your Reference List). should be well-organized. DO NOT DIVIDE  BY SECTIONS,  DISCUSSION SHOULD FLOW 

THIS IS AN ACADEMIC PIECE NOT AN OPINION PIECE. Support your points with class readings and examples from case studies. Do not simply list everything there is on the readings, explain your reasoning and support it with course readings/slides/lectures.

Use a Minimum 6 sources from class, there is no maximum amount. For your core 6 sources you can only use 1 multimedia source (class videos), the remaining 5 must be class provided articles. You can use more multimedia sources and even external articles to supplement (not replace) the core 6 class sources. 

Assignment Specifications (Graded)

Create a doc or docx file. Times New Roman, Font Size 12, SINGLE SPACE. 1 Inch margins.

Identify the Topic you chose to answer, name, date and class in a separate title page. No abstract, index, pictures or graphs allowed. This is an  it does not have sections. The ideas should flow No lengthy introductions, you can start with a simple statement of about 50 words maximum and then go straight for the answers to the questions. No separate conclusions or closing statements allowed, these tend to be redundant. 

THIS IS NOT AN OPINION  so use paraphrasing of class readings and support this paraphrasing with APA in text citations, check the APA guides provided on the folder in the course modules.

Example: Citing in text means to paraphrase and credit your sources (Brown, 2012). 

NO “direct quotes”, paraphrase and reference your source in APA in text citations. All your text must be ORIGINAL. 

Include reference list at the end, in APA style and alphabetical order.

Spell-check and re-read your responses, grammar and composition will be graded. Quality writing is part of your grade.


TOPIC #1: In the course of the semester we have studied multiple disasters from all over the world, we have learned that each country faces specific challenges when practicing emergency management. We can thus conclude that Emergency Management is done better when applied to local unique characteristics/ vulnerabilities. Choose 1 case study from Weeks 3-7 and 2 case studies from Week 9-14 to discuss:

1.a The importance of emergency management practice tailored to local characteristics. Identify local characteristics (one specific characteristic/ vulnerability per case) that made these 3 cases unique in the world. How did these local characteristics influence the disaster consequences in the 3 cases. (700 words minimum)

1.b For EACH case study (total 3) discussed above describe Emergency Management practices to reduce that unique vulnerability. Which activities in mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery (discuss all 4) can help reduce disaster consequences in each case? (300 words minimum)

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