Creative Writing Response: “Your Authentic Self” In The Last Generation

Creative Writing Response: “Your Authentic Self”

In The Last Generation (1993), Cherrie Moraga says the following about the importance of “writing” to her and her students’ lives:

“Fundamentally, I started writing to save my life. Yes, my own life first. I see the same impulse in my students–the dark, the queer, the mixed-blood, the violated–turning to the written page with a relentless passion, a drive to avenge their own silence, invisibility, and erasure as living, innately expressive human beings” (58). 

Drawing from this excerpt and the discussions in this unit about the representation, voice, and the freedom to be your “authentic self”, this Creative Response asks students to write about what it means to be “free” and when was the last time you felt truly free to be your authentic self? 

Responses should be 1-3 pp. and include MLA header… 

**The rest is up to the student how they wish to approach their response…feel free to structure the this response in any way you see fit.**

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