Complete and submit the Midterm Paper. The paper must answer

Complete and submit the Midterm Paper. The paper must

answer all of the following questions in Paper format.

Jails provide a difficult ethical problem, typically serving as

a place to incarcerate those who have been arrested but

not yet sentenced by a judge. How is pretrial detention

ethically justified?

What problems emerge from this unique place in the

justice system?

What is the function of bail, and how might it serve as a

means of controlling particular groups?

Should the concept of bail be eliminated? Why or Why not?


Please answer ALL of the questions posed in an paper

format. This paper must follow APA format.

The assignment REQUIRES a minimum of 3 pages typed

(with 1 inch margins all around in 12 point Times New

Roman font).

Please proofread and check for spelling and grammatical

errors. Points will be taken off for a failure to do so.

Any source material can be used to construct this paper

(i.e. textbook, newspaper articles, online articles, etc).

You must include a Works Cited/Bibliography Page at the

end of the paper.

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