Click on the following link: This will lead you

 Click on the following link:

This will lead you to the page for webinars. Log in with the PMI credentials you set up for your student membership. – Webinars – On-Demand Webinars – (filter for ‘Using PMI Standards’)

Choose any one of the “Getting Under the Hood of the PMBOK Guide:...” webinars to watch. Each webinar is about 1 hour long.

Once you’ve watched the webinar, summarize the concepts learned in a 5 page APA-style paper (includes cover and references pages).

Suggested outline:

  • Cover page
  • Introduction (introduce the reader to the paper)
  • Concepts Learned (each concept could have a header – paraphrase what was discussed)
  • Personal Thoughts (this is the only section of the paper you can write in 1st person – I feel that…. I learned that…. I related to this because…. – discuss things that you learned and how you can use what you learned for your career and/or on your own projects.)
  • Conclusion (tell the reader what you told them – sum it up and close it out)
  • References page (at least three references – the webinar and two other scholarly references)
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