Choose an ethnic or racial group different from your own

Choose an ethnic or racial group different from your own heritage that immigrated to the U.S.: CUBANS

Create a 6-8 slide slideshow: describe the conditions that they left behind as well as the conditions they faced upon entering the US.


  • Document the ethnic group you chose and their country of origin, include when they left (a range of decades is fine example: from 1870 – 1900).
  • Explain why the Cubans left and what conditions they left behind.
  • Explain the process the Cubans adhered to in order to enter the country. 
  • Analyze the general attitude of the US population at the time your group immigrated and choose what theory you would use to explain those attitudes.
  • Compare and contrast the values and beliefs of the Cubans with the majority group in the United States.
  • Describe similarities and differences in the interaction/communication styles of the Cubans and the US population at the time of your group’s arrival.
  • Describe the current conditions in Cuba
  • In your opinion was the journey worth it, would you have made the same decision they did?
  • 3 references 
  • APA style

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