Check line spacing. Be sure to Remove Space After Paragraph

Check line spacing. Be sure to Remove Space After Paragraph in Line Spacing Settings after you change to 2.0 for double spacing – see the draft I uploaded for peer response for accurate spacing. Do not justify your margins. Use left align for MLA format. Put ending punctuation after parenthetical citation. Your paper is missing a thesis. I cannot tell from your introduction if you intend to write a focus on causes, focus on effects, or focus on both paper. I need to know that. If you are talking about causes, you need to be specific. You say gang culture is a cause, but it looks like your first two paragraphs are on that. You only need one paragraph for each cause. It looks like you have 4 causes: gang culture, unemployment, drug abuse, street justice. Effects are: civil war (???), loss of life, loss of income, exodus from cities. Right now, there is no civil war in America, so you may want to revise that paragraph. Maybe retaliation? Not quite a full 4 pages, but don’t just extend your conclusion. Your conclusion is already plenty long. Extend body paragraphs. Work Cited is not bolded.
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