Can you assist with a response using 200 word minimum w/ two Nursing Assignment Help

Can you assist with a response using 200 word minimum w/ two references?

The APRN Scope

      Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) share the capability to evaluate, prescribe, refer, edify, and partake in ethical decision-making while providing multi-disciplinary patient care. Since the scope of the APRNs varies as one compares and contrasts various states throughout this nation, for this discussion, I focused on the state of Hawaii and its contrast to the scope in the state of Florida. The similarities between both scopes of practice include educational requirements, licensure requirements, and job responsibilities, whereas some major differences between both scopes of practice include practicing powers and prescribing powers.

APRN Scope Similarities Between Florida and Hawaii

     The parallels amid both scopes of practice in the state of Florida and the state of Hawaii comprise educational requirements, licensure requirements, and job responsibilities. Registered nurses (RNs) must accomplish a bachelor’s degree of science in nursing prior to pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing degree and challenging a licensure examination. Regarding nursing board certifications and accreditations, nurse practitioners and some categories of APRNs are required to pass board certifications, such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB), or American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). Now, although Hawaii is not a nurse compact state, [providers] can still be licensed by examination or endorsement (, 2021). Overall, APRNs share an ability to assess, prescribe, consult, educate, participate in ethical decision-making, and provide multi-disciplinary patient care. Moreover, both APRN scopes allow for the provider to distribute care as a primary care provider, order physical therapy, oversee and notify death certifications, and sign disabled person placard forms (“Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice by State – 2023,” n.d.).

APRN Scope Differences Between Florida and Hawaii

     Some major differences between both scopes of practice in the state of Florida and the state of Hawaii include practicing powers and prescribing powers. The nurse practitioner’s scope of practicing in the state of Florida is restricted practice, meaning the APRN requires physician’s supervision, allocation, or team oversight and management. Whereas, Hawaii is full practice, that denotes the nurse practitioner can have a complete range in the diagnosis and treatment of the patients, and they are permitted the scope of an autonomous practice. In Florida, APRNs find themselves with certain limitations and tight guidelines in place regarding prescribing medications, i.e., popular schedule II drugs, such as Percocet and Demerol. Under the oversight of a physician, Florida APRNs have prescribing powers for these medications under their written collaborative agreement and at times, are able to prescribe class II drugs with a seven-day limit. Florida APRNs can give prescriptions for psychiatric drugs for longer than the seven-day period, however only a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner can prescribe to a minor patient. On the other hand, Hawaii APRNs can be able to prescribe medications free of restrictions and autonomously, including psychiatric and schedule II medications. Lastly, Hawaii APRNs do not possess any current laws on the topic of the NP in Hawaii and medical staff membership.


Nurse Practitioner Scope Of Practice By State – 2023. (n.d.). Retrieved from (2021, September 21). Hawaii Nursing License Requirements | Become a nurse in HI. Retrieved from

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