• Based on the annual report of Pfizer for the

• Based on the annual report of Pfizer for the economic year 2020, critically discuss and explain

  1. a)  the main risk exposures of Pfizer, and
  2. b)  the main risk management policies and tools that
    Pfizer has employed to mitigate risk exposures.

Your discussion should use facts and financial numbers, which may be taken from the risk section of the annual report of Pfizer.

• Exercise Mutual Funds:

Calculate the NAV of the following fund, assuming 3,500 shares are outstanding. Calculate the percentage change in the NAV of the fund if stock C climbs to $33.41.

Stock Shares owned A 500 B 6000 C 3000 Cash n.a.

$ 5,74

$ 65,10

$ 12,04 $ 4.368,40

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  1. a)  Will the NAV increase or decrease? Why?
  2. b)  Calculate the return on your investment given
    the change in NAV

• Read PWC’s report and summarize the predictions they make for the mutual funds industry based on the COVID19 impact.

This activity must meet the following formatting requirements:

• Font size 12
• Double-spaced
• 1500-2500 words
• Harvard Referencing System

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