Background Describe your ethnic, racial, and cultural background. What generation


Describe your ethnic, racial, and cultural background.

What generation in the U.S. do you represent?

Where do your ancestors come from?

How did they get here?

Why did they come here?

What positive or negative migration experiences do you or other members of your family remember?

How easy or difficult was it for them to adapt to life in this country at the time?

Did they or you experience rejection or prejudice based on race, religion, or nationality?

What social conflicts have you or your family experienced within the mainstream American culture?

Does your immediate family or extended family practice any cultural celebrations, customs, or traditions What are some of them?

Which do you value most?

Do any language barriers impact you and your family? If so, explain.

Gender Roles

What, if any, gender stereotypes were you taught as you were growing up? What were the main expectations for males and females for each of the following?



Dating patterns

Role of wife and role of husband

Childcare and parenting

Sexuality Importance of individual versus family

Personal Reflection

Explore the following questions related to your life and your future as a helping professional. How do you think your unique background has influenced your personal expectations, beliefs, and life goals as a woman or man?

How does your background affect your views of other cultures?

Do you or did you ever experience conflict about your ethnic or racial identity, or sex roles?

How does your cultural background impact you as a student? How do you think your background will help or hinder you as a helping professional?

What assets or benefits might you have based on your cultural upbringing? In what ways have you experienced privilege?

What aspects of your culture of origin do you embrace, and which may you want to reject?

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