Assignment: Professional Development Exercises : Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 11 (Guido, p. 222)Did the facility have sufficient evidence to suspend the nurse?How should the tes Nursing Assignment Help


Professional Development Exercises :

  • Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 11 (Guido, p. 222)
    • Did the facility have sufficient evidence to suspend the nurse?
    • How should the testimony of the other nurses in the unit affect the outcome of this case?
    • What additional questions should the institution address before the court rules in this case?
    • How would you have ruled in this case?
  • Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 12 (Guido, p. 238)
    • Did the ANP have a duty to consult with the child’s physician or another emergency center physician regarding the possibility of child abuse before she reported her findings to the case worker?
    • What questions would you anticipate might be asked regarding the injury itself and the possibility that the child had caused her own injury?
    • Did the ANP have a duty to report the injury, even though the diagnosis was not absolutely conclusive at the point that the child was initially examined?
    • How would you determine liability in this case, assuming that the trial court found liability against any of the three defendants?
  • Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 16 (Guido, p. 329)
    • Did the nurse manager have a responsibility to supervise the care of the patient?
    • Was the care of this patient appropriately assigned to the LPN by the charge nurse, or could the charge nurse have delegated this patient’s care more appropriately?
    • If the charge nurse assigned the care of the patient to the LPN, did she retain any supervisory responsibility that would result in her liability in this case?
    • How do the principles associated with delegation and supervision figure into this case?
    • How would you decide this case?
    • please have introduction and conclusion . APA 1000 words

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Introduction: In this assignment, we will discuss and analyze three case studies from the medical field. Each case study presents a unique ethical dilemma and involves critical decision-making processes. By examining the details of each case and answering the provided questions, we aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of professional responsibilities and potential implications for the parties involved. Furthermore, we will consider the ethical considerations, legal aspects, and potential outcomes concerning these cases.

Answer to Question 1 – Case Study Chapter 11:
The case study presented at the end of Chapter 11 raises questions about the suspension of a nurse working in a medical facility. Regarding the sufficiency of evidence to suspend the nurse, it is essential to assess whether the facility had substantial proof to support their decision. As we analyze the case, it becomes evident that the nurse’s alleged actions may have violated professional standards and posed potential harm to patients.

The testimony of other nurses in the unit is significant in determining the outcome of this case. Their statements can provide valuable insight into the nurse’s conduct and whether it aligns with acceptable practices. The credibility and consistency of the testimonies should be carefully evaluated to enhance the case’s integrity and fairness.

Before the court rules on this case, the institution should address several additional questions, such as: Were there any documented incidents of similar behavior in the nurse’s past? Was proper investigation conducted to gather all relevant information? Did the facility follow appropriate disciplinary protocols in suspending the nurse?

As the medical professor overseeing this exercise, the ruling in this case would depend on a thorough assessment of the presented evidence and ethical considerations. If the severity of the nurse’s alleged actions is proven, suspension or other disciplinary measures may be deemed necessary to protect patient safety and maintain professional standards.

Answer to Question 2 – Case Study Chapter 12:
The case study in Chapter 12 revolves around the duty of an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) to consult with a physician regarding a suspected child abuse case before reporting to a case worker. In this situation, it is crucial to analyze the ethical responsibilities and legal obligations of the ANP.

Regarding the injury and the possibility of the child causing self-harm, questions that may arise include: Is there substantial evidence or any witness testimonies regarding potential self-infliction? What protocols were followed during the examination to evaluate the possibility of self-injury? Can the child’s developmental stage and capabilities align with the injuries observed?

The duty to report the injury lies with the ANP, even if the diagnosis is not conclusively established during the initial examination. The ANP has an ethical obligation to prioritize the child’s safety and well-being, and by reporting the suspected abuse, they fulfill their professional responsibility. Prompt reporting ensures that child protective services can investigate and intervene when necessary.

Determining liability in this case would involve a careful evaluation of each defendant’s actions, including the ANP, child’s physician, and emergency center physician. Liability may be assigned based on their respective professional responsibilities and adherence to legal and ethical frameworks. Ultimately, liability would depend on the extent to which any of the defendants neglected their duty of care towards the child.

Answer to Question 3 – Case Study Chapter 16:
The case study presented in Chapter 16 examines the responsibilities and liabilities of a nurse manager and charge nurse in overseeing patient care. The nurse manager’s role in supervising the care of a patient is highly significant, and their level of involvement can determine the outcome of the case.

Assigning the care of the patient to the LPN by the charge nurse raises questions about appropriate delegation. It is crucial to evaluate whether the charge nurse adequately assessed the LPN’s competency and ability to handle the specific patient’s care requirements. If the charge nurse assigned care that was beyond the LPN’s capabilities, their decision may contribute to the unfortunate outcome.

Even if the charge nurse assigned the patient’s care to the LPN, they retain a supervisory responsibility. They should ensure that the LPN is adequately trained, monitor the patient’s progress, and intervene when necessary to prevent any harm.

The principles associated with delegation and supervision play a vital role in this case. The delegation process should involve a careful assessment of each staff member’s qualifications, skills, and experience. Appropriate supervision ensures that the assigned tasks are performed competently and that necessary interventions are made promptly.

As the medical professor overseeing this exercise, deciding this case would require considering the degree of negligence exhibited by each party and their adherence to the established protocols. The decision would aim to ensure accountability while emphasizing the importance of proper delegation and supervision in healthcare settings.

In conclusion, these three case studies provide valuable opportunities for medical college students to explore complex ethical, legal, and professional issues that healthcare professionals might face. Examining the evidence, analyzing testimonies, and applying relevant principles and standards are essential to making informed decisions and determining the appropriate course of action in each case. By engaging in professional development exercises like these, students can enhance their critical thinking skills and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and responsibilities involved in the medical field.

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