Answer questions Provide a brief description of each of the

 Answer questions

  1. Provide a brief description of each of the characteristics and elements of each of the literary genres or formats of prose and poetry in Children’s Literature. (Picturebooks, Poetry, Traditional Literature, Modern Fantasy, Science Fiction, Contemporary Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Nonfiction). (SAC 2.2)
  2. Give an instructional approach /strategy (e.g. story mapping, identifying text structure, identifying elements of literary devices) for developing literary analysis for each of the above categories.
  3. How will you evaluate and select appropriate text to reflect and support the backgrounds of diverse learners while matching texts to student interest? (SAC 2.3)
  4. What criteria will you use for evaluating and selecting both print and nonprint texts for instructional use? (SAC2.4)
  5. How will you evaluate and select texts at appropriate reading levels and text complexity for diverse students? (SAC 2.5)
  6. How will you continue to participate in ongoing inquiry with colleagues and professional resources for professional development about children’s literature? (ILA 6.3

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