An online article posted by the Yellow Springs News a

An online article posted by the Yellow Springs News a few years ago, discusses the cancellation of the 4th of July parade, an annual event held in the city.  The article details many issues of concern that could have factored into the cancellation decision. For the purpose of your assignment, you are to assume that intelligence personnel conducted a threat assessment and produced intelligence regarding potential security issues and possible threats as they related to the event, and provided the information to the decision makers.  The intelligence personnel also utilized the intelligence cycle to prepare the threat assessment.  

During the first two steps of the intelligence cycle, the assigned intelligence personnel had to determine the intelligence need, the intelligence problem and related intelligence questions. 

Read the article: Parade cancelled after alleged KKK protest threats

As discussed during class, there are several significant information gaps to consider when determining intelligence questions. Utilizing information from the article, prepare a word document and provide essay responses for each the following questions related to the Intelligence Problems and Intelligence Questions.  Each response should be a minimum of 50 words each.

1.  Who or what poses the potential threat? Who or what is the potential target of the threat?

2.  What are the implications of the potential threat? Is the potential threat plausible or real?

3.  Is enough information available to determine when the potential threat may occur?

4.  What areas are likely to be the target of the potential threat?

5.  What are some implied, known, or suspected motives for the potential threat?

6.  How would the potential threat be carried out?

When drafting your responses, remember to consider all plausible scenarios, threats and parties involved.  “Think outside of the box”.  Refer to your personal notes and Lecture PowerPoint to assist you.,’>

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