All questions are worth 20 points: When is hearsay evidence

All questions are worth 20 points:

  1. When is hearsay evidence admissible in court?
  2. For this question, you must search for an interpret information in a cybercrime case that dealt with admitting hearsay evidence in criminal or civil court. Provide a brief description of the case and discuss the role of hearsay evidence in it. You should be able to identify how or why the evidence was admissible or inadmissible. Within your analysis, do not forget to identify and include other types of evidence presented in the case (e.g. direct, circumstantial, etc.). Finally, discuss the impact of the challenges to the authenticity of the evidence on the outcome of the case.
  3. How do the ECPA and the USA Patriot Act regulate the interception of electronic communications, government access to those communications, and government access to ISP records?
  4. Is all evidence that is illegally searched and seized inadmissible in court? Why do you think this is the case?
  5. How is the “reasonable expectation of privacy” test applied to computers?



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