After identifying an NAEYC accredited center and conducting your observations


After identifying an NAEYC accredited center and conducting your observations and interviews, you will develop a compilation of strengths and opportunity based on your results. Develop a list of what was marked as “Yes” and “No” across each instrument, and compile and overall list of what you see as the programs overall strengths and areas of opportunity.

Share your evaluation with the director of the center or a colleague. The colleague could be another student engaged in this competency or a colleague in the early childhood profession. Collaborate with him or her to develop at least two recommendations to strengthen or improve this program. Based on your interviews, notes, observations, and collaboration, write 6-8-pages that includes the following:

  1. A narrative evaluation of the program’s quality in relation to Standard #7, “Families,” and the two additional standards you chose. Your evaluation should describe areas of strength and opportunity for this program. Support your evaluation with specific evidence related to “NAEYC Program Standards and Accreditation Criteria,” your observations, and your interviews.
  2. At least two recommendations you have for this program based on the standards. Your recommendations must be grounded in the professional knowledge base.
  3. An evaluation of your collaboration experience, including a description of the skills or tools you used to collaborate. How did your work with the director or colleague inform the development of your recommendations?

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