A final report/presentation (225 points) – a Microsoft PowerPoint document

A final report/presentation (225 points) – a Microsoft PowerPoint document containing slides of the following types:

  1. Cover/Title
  2. Executive summary
  3. Project motivation/background
  4. Data description
  5. Data preparation activities
  6. Models used – at least three distinct techniques (with screenshots of related SAS EM output)
  7. Findings
  8. Managerial/business implications
  9. Conclusions
  10. References (if needed)


  1. There is no Word document.  The report is in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation.
  2. Not just screenshots.  Because the report is a PowerPoint Presentation you may be tempted to just insert a bunch of screenshots.  I do want screenshots of models, results, etc. but they should be annotated so I have some sense of why they are there and what I am supposed to take from the slide.
  3. Keep it tight.  Fully explaining your final project in the form of a PowerPoint (without the benefit of being able to verbally explain during a presentation) should be hard.  You need to balance telling a good (and complete) story against generating excessive numbers of slides.  If you were presenting I would be looking for about 15 minutes of content.  Given that timeline, I would expect approximately 20 slides… this is a guideline and not an absolute, but please try and tell a complete and concise story.
  4. Tell a coherent story.  The story is important… I want to know what you did and why.  I want to know what models you ran and which was the best performer.  I also want to know what that model says and why that is important to the organization.

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