A 35-year-old service member (SM) who works as a dental Nursing Assignment Help

A 35-year-old service member (SM) who works as a dental clinic assistant has been demonstrating behavioral, emotional, affective, and interpersonal changes at work. You are informed by the commander that up until about 3 weeks ago, this SM was upbeat, outgoing, and proactive. Now, this SM seems disinterested in work, does not demonstrate a full range of emotions, is less social and more withdrawn, requires repeated instructions to perform basic tasks, and appears significantly fatigued. You are also informed that this member has been approached to correct the behavior but seems ‘lost in space’. You are also told that this SM is often late to work and has noticeably neglected hygiene, at times enough to disrupt everyone at work. Upon your evaluation, you find support for the commander’s concerns and further note that he has been irritable for quite some time and has lost not only interest at work, but no longer exercises or engages with his friends.

What is a potential diagnosis for this SM, based upon the above symptoms?

Which of the following diagnosis or diagnoses do you think is/are most appropriate? Describe why you selected one over the others.

1) Major Depressive Disorder

2) Schizophrenia

3) Schizoid Personality Disorder

4) Generalized Anxiety Disorder

5) No diagnosis – SM is just demonstrating a conduct problem that requires discipline

Decide and justify a diagnosis/diagnoses and the implications for the SM’s ability to perform the mission? What treatment recommendations are you considering? Would you consult before diagnosing? Why or why not? Remember, you are a psychologist in charge of this individual’s well-being, but you must keep the mission in mind!

(Note: I know you are not licensed practitioners and so I do not expect a perfect diagnosis – which is often difficult to make in the real world, anyway! This is to get you thinking about a potential presentation as you never know who walks through your door and what their concerns are!) Use the module’s PowerPoint, Oxford Handbook of Clinical Psychology, and the Berman textbook as references for this assignment.

3 pages with refrence page also apa style and citation 

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