3 – 4 Pages Ariel 12pt Double space Need today

3 – 4 Pages Ariel 12pt Double space 

Need today by 5 PM

All questions should be answered using specific examples from the case study and specific material learned in class. 

1. Disney’s culture contributed greatly to their nearly 100 years of global success. What type of culture enabled Disney to be so successful? What did they do to specifically communicate and perpetuate their culture throughout the company? Disney also acquired many companies over the years. How did they address culture issues when acquiring these new companies? 

2. Disney’s strategy enabled it to become a multinational mass media and entertainment company. What type of strategy has Disney used to enable its success? What specific actions did Disney take to enact this strategy? 

3. The Disney Company experienced a number of incidents regarding employees engaging in sexual harassment and yet did not make consistent decisions about these incidents and employees when it was brought to their attention. Apply what you have learned about decision making to discuss how Disney should make decisions about ethical issues in the future.  

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