102SAM Coursework 1 Contract Guidance

– The question does not ask you to write an essay on contract law, it asks you to advise Simon of the requirements and contents of a legally binding contract and the consequences if he breaches it.


-You must answer both parts of the question


– .References should be made to UK law only.



-The material that you need to cover is detailed under 2.2 ,  50 – 59% of the

  assessment criteria on the back of the question sheet and has been covered in lectures

  1 – 10. This section also shows you how marks are allocated.


– Additional reading has been provided on the reading list posted on Moodle


– Your advice to Simon will be a synopsis of English contact law written in a formal and professional way avoiding slang and text speak.


– Your advice should show 3 steps:-

  what the law states

  what the law means

  why/how the law is relevant to Simon using cases to illustrate and support points

  made where appropriate.


 Just stating the law is not enough for a good mark at undergraduate level.

 You need to show that you understand and know how to apply the law.


– The level of academic detail required and style to be adopted are as delivered in


– Your advice should not make reference to any of the storylines in previous

   Workshops and should focus only on the coursework scenario


– Time will be allocated in class for Q&A about the assessment and the proof reading of draft submisssions


-Your mark should be posted on Moodle 3weeks after the deadline date




Your work should be completed using the correct referencing as per the Harvard Referencing Guide which can be found on the SSL skills portal under “referencing skills”.


If you want to reference the core reading the correct way to do this can be found at the end of each lecture slide.


If you want to reference something that was said in a lecture then this can be found on Page 29 of the full Harvard referencing guide.


If you reference law obtained from a case then you can either just put the case name in the body of your text eg Guthing v Lynn and then the full case reference in a table of cases at the end (which do not count towards the word count) eg Guthing v Lynn (1831) 2 B&AD 231 OR just put the full case citation in the body of your text eg Guthing v Lynn (1831) 2 B&AD 231. You must have the full case citation in your work somewhere (the date and letters and numbers that appear after the case name).  

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