1. What particular challenges or conflicts can the management team

1. What particular challenges or conflicts can the management team anticipate this team facing? What strategies might you apply to manage this team’s potential conflicts? (You will learn more about conflict management in Topic 5. It is acceptable to make relevant speculations based on what you know about the team members and conflict management at this point. You will have the opportunity to solidify your conflict management strategies in Topic 5.) Provide citations to strengthen your claims.

The chosen team members are : Katelyn, Elizabeth, Michael, Doug, William, and Bob

Conflict and Conflict Management 

2. This section should speak to the requirements in the third section of the grading rubric (Discussion regarding the challenges or conflicts that the management team can expect and an explanation of the conflict management strategies that management will employ to address them is thorough and includes citations to strengthen claims). Remember, you will likely have multiple paragraphs as you identify multiple conflict management strategies. It is recommended that you look ahead to ch.10 of your textbook to 

explore specific conflict management strategies and integrate these into your recommendations. You should have multiple in text citations in your discussion to strengthen and support your claims. Remember, paragraphs are always at least 3 sentences. **Do not forget to cite your research**

Griffin, R. W., Phillips, J. M., Gully, S. M., Creed, A., Gribble, L., & Watson, M. (2020). Organisational Behaviour: Engaging People and Organisations. Cengage 

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