1) View the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7yALBPmkHc speech. Analyze the speech in light

1) View the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7yALBPmkHc speech. Analyze the speech in light of the criteria for commemorative speaking presented in Chapter 18. Be sure to address the criteria in your analysis. 

2) Post a link to a commencement speech that you think meets the criteria for commemorative speaking in Chapter 18. In your post, be sure to include the criteria and discuss how the speaker meets the criteria. To earn full credit, you should not post a speech another student has posted. 

3) comment on two of your classmates posts 

1. classmate 1 

The speaker in the Elie Wiesel speech uses all of the criteria of a good commemorative speech (Lucas 350). The speech paid tribute to a person, Elie Wiesel, and gave the audience ample information about who he was and what his achievements were. The speaker was able to describe the essence of Elie and gave the audience a deep respect for the man. He used a lot of literary devices without using any cliches or trite sentiments. He used many testimonies and Elie’s own words to tell his story. Most importantly, the speaker inspired the audience. 


Here is a speech that I believe meets the criteria for commemorative speaking. It is the commencement speech for MTSU’s graduating class of 2021. The speaker does a great job of inspiring the audience. She does not draw on cliches, instead she uses literary devices such as repetition and parallelism to keep audiences engaged. She describes the essence and the achievements of the class of 2021 and inspires them while giving words of wisdom for their future. 

2. classmate 2 

Commemorative speeches are speeches of praise or celebration; they are speeches that pay tribute to a person, a group of people, an institution, or an idea (Lucas 350).  The speaker who presented Elie Wiesel’s commemorative speech enlightened the listener with first who Wiesel is and then went on to tell of Wiesel’s dark, tragic past. The listeners’ attention was heightened by the praise and inspiration of what Wiesel has accomplished since he was a child in a concentration camp during WWII. When giving a commemorative speech, you should penetrate to the essence of your subject and generate in your audience a deep sense of respect (Lucas 351). In Elie Wiesel’s commemorative speech, the presenter truly made you feel nothing but respect for Wiesel and his accomplishments.

Robin Williams Eulogy, by Billy Crystal


            Billy Crystal gave a wonderful eulogy for Robin Williams during the 2014 Emmy Awards. Crystal inspired us with what a wonder, funny, and inspirational person Robin Williams was. Crystal paid tribute to his friend and fellow actor and spoke of the joy he brought to all.

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