1) The New York Prison System and the Pennsylvania Prison System


The New York Prison System and the Pennsylvania Prison System are discuss on pages 50-53 of your text book.  Please read and become familiar with both systems.  Also slide 11 of the Chapter 3 powerpoint compares the two prison systems.

Which of the two systems do you believe is the better system?  Write a 1pg essay supporting your choice, by explaining why your choice is the better system.


The case of Maryland State Attorney Edward (Ellis) Rollins is noted on pg 71 of your book.  Please read and answer the following questions:

1.  What were the charges filed against Mr, Rollins

2.  What was Mr. Rollins sentencing?

3.  Do you think the sentencing (punishment) was appropriate?  If not, why not and what do you think would have been appropriate sentencing?

On slide 16 of the Chapt 4 powerpoint,  there are Hypothetical Punishments

4. Which goal do you think best fit Mr. Rollins’ sentencing?

5.  Which do you feel would be most appropriate and why?

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