1) Select only four of the following six questions and,


  • Select only four of the following six questions and, to the best of your ability, write no more than a two paragraph response that is succinct, persuasive, and employs relevant sociological concepts and/or reasoning from the chapter that corresponds to the question.  The most important quality of your writing is its sociological reasoning or argumentation.  
  • All the questions involve a concrete example that is either already contained in the question or that you’ll have to select yourself.  You can and should use your book and notes, along with other reputable news or academic sources, to inform your response.  
  • NOTE:  Each question is worth 25pts.  You cannot answer more than one question from the same chapter.  

Chapter 2-Claims

  1. Is the restroom access for transgender individuals likely to remain contentious issue, or is it likely to fade—and why?

Chapter 3-Activists

  1. Under what circumstances will individuals find claims based on economic interests versus other concerns compelling? 

Chapter 4–Experts

  1. Identify another current prediction about a future social problem. Who makes the claim, and how much confidence should we have concerning the prediction?

Chapter 5-The Media and Claims

  1. Are disputes over fake news likely to continue? Why or why not?
  2. How do you fact checking services such as snopes.com or politifact.com evaluate the accuracy of claims? What are the strengths and limitations of these services?

Chapter 6-Public Reaction

  1.  This chapter treats surveys as one tool for assessing public reactions. What are surveys’ advantages and what are their limitations?

text: Joel Best.  Social Problems.  (2021) 4th Edition. New York: W.W. Norton. 


A ,Compare and contrast the sociological and Psychological Factors in Mate selection. Using the following: (60 points)

1,Homogamy and its 12 factors (sociology)

2, Complimentary factors in mate selection (psychology)

B,  Present empirical examples based on your observation of yourself or other

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