1) Critical Thinking Exercise- Robbery of a Grocery Store In


1) Critical Thinking Exercise– Robbery of a Grocery Store

In a robbery of a neighborhood grocery store, how important is citizen information? Should a neighborhood check be made if the incident occurred at 3 a.m.? How would you attempt to locate two witnesses who saw the robber enter the store if the owner does not know their names?  How else could you develop information on the robber’s description, vehicle, and the like?  

2) Critical Thinking Exercise– Bank Robbery

Imagine that you are a police officer responding to the scene of a bank robbery.  Should you enter the bank immediately?  Should you close the bank to business during the investigation?  Can the drive-up widow be used for business if it was not involved in the robbery?  What should be done with the bank employees after the robbery? With customers in the bank at the time of the robbery? What agencies should work jointly on this type of crime? 

3) Critical Thinking Exercise– Hostage

If the robber takes a hostage inside a building, what are immediate considerations? If the hostage situation is not resolved in the first 15 minutes, what must be considered? Should a police officer offer to take the hostage’s place?  What might you say to the robber to induce him or her to release the hostage? 

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